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What Are Biohazards?

A biohazard is any biological material that poses a risk to either human or animal health.

For us at ATP the most common biohazards we encounter are mould contamination, closely followed by human waste and blood as well as many more.

    Types of Biohazards

    Human bodily fluids

    Including blood, saliva, and amniotic fluid

    Medical waste

    This includes tissue samples, laboratory cultures, and by-products from autopsies and surgeries

    Animal carcasses & droppings

    Droppings may contain bacteria and viruses that can become airborne whilst carcasses can attract disease carrying pests

    Mould and fungi

    Spores can become airborne causing respiratory and neurological problems as well as other illnesses

    Viruses and bacteria

    Some viruses and bacteria can survive outside of a host and can become a threat to others in the environment

    Biohazard Services

    Mould removal:

    Our fully accredited team can remove all traces of mould from your property and will give you professional advice on after clean care to help stop mould re-growing. AT are on hand to tackle both residential and commercial properties across London and the surrounding counties. We also offer an annual mould inspection.


    Our specialists are trained specifically to deal with property of hoarders, living or deceased. We have the skills to provide a complete cleanup service with compassion, sensitivity and professionalism.

    Infectious Disease Control:

    Our infection control and disinfectant services are an excellent way of adding a deeper level of protection to your space. Fogging is an ideal solution to reaching hard to get to places.

    Trauma and Decomposition:

    Our fully accredited team will remove all traces of trauma and decomposition from your property in a dignified way. ATP are a fast response company to ensure any scene is cleaned in the fastest time possible.

    Fire and Soot Restoration:

    Our specialists are trained specifically to deal with the hazards that are left behind after a fire. We will ensure your property is cleared of all biohazards leaving you safe to re-enter.

    Drugs, needles, and sharps removals:

    Our team of experts are trained to the highest standard to be ale to carry out sweeps responsibly and safely. It is vital the safe removal of these objects is carried out by professionals and disposed of by a licensed operative.

    Pest Control:

    The control of unwanted pests should always be carried out by a professional operative. Pests such as parasites, whilst usually small in size can cause a huge amount of damage not only to your premises but more importantly to your health. Our team of experts will treat the infestation in your home or work with approved chemicals and techniques, ensuring your health and safety is restored.

    Recent Biohazard Cleaning Services

    Our Biohazard Cleaning Steps

    Once you’ve contacted us online, by email or phone we can start putting the wheels in motion to swiftly resolve any challenge you’re faced with by implementing our steps below:

    1. Evaluate

    We will arrange for a team member to visit the location as soon as required.

    Once on site they will evaluate the situation to gain a clear understanding of the work involved and what chemicals and equipment are required.

    2. Isolate

    We will isolate any biohazard to ensure the affected area does not contaminate any other areas.

    This step is vital to ensure that not only our team, but the client is not causing any cross-contamination.

    3. Remove

    We will remove any traces of biohazard from the area and dispose of it effectively and quickly.

    4. Clean

    The area will now be fully deep cleaned using the appropriate industry approved products and equipment.
    This will ensure that all traces of waste have been removed.

    5. Assess & Test

    Once all removal and cleaning has been carried out, we will then assess the area and test using specialist equipment to be satisfied we have eliminated all traces of biohazard and we’re leaving the space to be used freely again in the knowledge there are no harmful bacteria, mould or wate etc left behind.

    Biohazard Costing

    The cost of a biohazard clean varies with different factors including the size of the area, location, and the process required. However, the average price is usually between £2,500 and £5,000.

    Are you aware of the harmful effects of living or working in properties with mould contamination?

    Mould can have serious and sometimes devastating consequences on new-borns, the elderly and individuals who are immunocompromised.

    Are you up to date with the new announcement of Awaab’s law under the social housing bill?

    Why Choose Our Biohazard Cleaning?

    Our team of experienced cleaners have undertaken full and comprehensive training programmes to effectively manage the removal of all types of biohazards including mould, bodily fluids, and sharps among many more.

    Our team are trained to always remain professional but also to be empathetic and discreet. We understand the need to be mindful of the surroundings and environment we’re working in ensuring to consider the people around us whether that be the client or their family, or the public.

    ATP works hard to ensure our social, health and environmental responsibility of wate removal is a top priority. We will always ensure the disposal of bio-hazard waste such as microbiological waste, sharps and bodily fluids are dealt with to adhere to the strict guidelines set out by the HSE.