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Specialised Cleaning Services for Educational Facilities

At ATP Cleaning, we offer bespoke cleaning solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of educational environments, including schools and nurseries.


Recognising the importance of maintaining a hygienic, safe, and conducive learning environment, our services are designed to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and health safety in these facilities.

Classroom and Learning Area Cleaning:

Comprehensive cleaning of classrooms, including desks, chairs, and educational materials.

Special focus on high-touch areas to minimise the spread of germs.

Nursery Cleaning Services:

Tailored cleaning protocols for nurseries, focusing on play areas, toys, and equipment to ensure a safe environment for young children.

Common Area and Hallway Maintenance:

Regular cleaning of hallways, common areas, and assembly halls, maintaining a welcoming appearance and hygienic space.

Restroom Sanitisation:

Rigorous cleaning and sanitising of student and staff restrooms, with frequent checks and maintenance.

Cafeteria and Food Service Area Cleaning:

Specialised cleaning of cafeteria spaces, including tables, food service areas, and waste disposal units.

Gymnasium and Sports Facility Cleaning:

Cleaning and maintenance of gymnasiums and sports facilities, focusing on equipment and locker rooms.

Child-Friendly Cleaning Products:

Use of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for children.

DBS Checked and Trained Staff:

Our team is fully vetted, DBS checked, and trained in the specific requirements of cleaning educational facilities.

Flexible Cleaning Schedules:

Services scheduled outside of school hours to minimise disruption to the educational process.

Compliance with Health & Safety Standards:

Adherence to health and safety protocols, ensuring a safe environment for students and staff.