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Infectious Disease Control Cleaning

At ATP Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive cleaning solutions, and our specialised services in infectious disease control are fundamental and crucial components of our portfolio.

Ensuring a safe and hygienic environment is paramount, especially in the face of infectious diseases.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitisation:

We perform thorough deep cleaning and sanitisation to eliminate the presence of infectious agents, viruses, and bacteria from surfaces and spaces.

Prevention Protocols:

We implement preventive measures to reduce the risk of disease transmission, including routine cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces.

Protective Gear:

Our team utilizes appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure their safety while handling potentially contaminated areas.

Specialised Equipment:

We utilize specialised equipment and techniques to address various scenarios, including fogging.


We adhere to all relevant health and safety regulations and guidelines to guarantee a safe and compliant service.

Rapid Response:

We understand the urgency in managing infectious disease situations, and we offer rapid response services to address immediate needs.