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This page includes a series of questions that are commonly asked by customers across all of our services, they cover topics including services, product usage and what to expect from ATP Cleaning.

1. Q: What is a biohazard clean?

A: A biohazard clean refers to the specialised process of cleaning and sanitising an area that has been contaminated with biological, chemical, or hazardous substances that pose a threat to human or animal health and the environment. This type of cleaning is often required in situations involving infectious diseases, crime scenes, accidents, or other incidents that involve the release of hazardous materials. Biohazard cleaning is not a standard cleaning service but rather a highly specialised and regulated process that requires trained professionals and adherence to strict safety protocols.


2. Q: What biohazard services do we offer:


  • Mould Removal
  • Infectious Disease Control
  • SHARPS Removal
  • Hoarding (Animal, Electrical, Wet and Dry)
  • Extreme Cleans
  • Trauma and Decomposition
  • Fire and Soot Restoration


3. Q: What are some of the different types of biohazard materials that may be involved?


Types of Biohazards   
Human bodily fluids Including blood, saliva, amniotic fluid and more – bodily fluids can transmit diseases
Medical waste Tissue samples, laboratory cultures and by-products from autopsies and surgeries
Animal carcasses and droppings Droppings and carcases may contain bacteria and viruses that become airborne, also these may attract disease spreading pests such as rodents
Mould and fungi Spores can become airborne and cause respiratory, neurological, and other illnesses
Viruses and bacteria Some viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for a length of time posing a threat to anyone entering the environment 


4. Q: What’s the process for a Biohazard clean up?

A: We follow a strict 7 step process when tackling and new job:

  1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
All staff wear specialised protective gear to minimise their exposure to hazardous materials
  1. Assessment
Assess the extent of contamination and create a plan for clean up
  1. Containment
The affected area is isolated to prevent the spread of contaminants to other parts of the property
  1. Cleaning and Disinfection
Contaminated surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using appropriate chemicals and methods
  1. Decontamination
The area is treated to ensure that all hazardous materials are safely removed
  1. Waste Disposal
Biohazardous waste is properly contained, labelled, and disposed of following regulatory guidelines
  1. Verification
After the clean up, verification tests may be conducted to ensure that the area has been successfully decontaminated


5. Q: How much do biohazard services cost?

A: Biohazard services are priced on an individual basis. The cost for your clean would be based on factors such as the size of the area, level of contamination, complexity of the clean and resource required. We aim to meet our clients’ expectations and budget on every project.


6. Q: How disruptive are these cleans?

A: We try to be as unintrusive as possible. However, for some types of cleans such as Trauma and Decomposition, we prefer for the property to be vacated temporarily prior to our teams carrying out the tasks. This is purely to safeguard our client’s mental health.  


7. Q: Why should you employ ATP Cleaning?

A: ATP Cleaning is the ideal choice for biohazard services due to our expertise, safety measures, compliance with regulations, empathetic approach, excellent reputation, comprehensive services, and extensive coverage area. When you choose us, you can be confident that your biohazard cleaning needs will be handled professionally and with care.

These are our most FAQs and answers addressing common inquiries about our services, safety measures, and customization options provided by ATP Cleaning.


1. Q: What services do you offer for commercial and residential cleaning?

A: For commercial settings, we provide regular janitorial services, deep cleaning, and biohazard remediation. In residential areas, we offer cleaning for common spaces, deep cleaning, and biohazard cleanup as needed.


2. Q: Are your cleaning products safe for people and the environment?

A: Yes, we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products that are effective and non-harmful to occupants and the environment wherever possible.


3. Q: How often should I schedule cleaning services for my business or property?

A: The frequency of cleaning depends on factors like foot traffic and specific needs. We can assess your situation and recommend an appropriate schedule.


4. Q: What is involved in deep cleaning?

A: Deep cleaning includes thorough cleaning of hard-to-reach areas, heavy-duty cleaning of surfaces, and detailed attention to areas that may be neglected during regular cleaning.


5. Q: Do you provide emergency cleaning services?

A: Yes, we offer emergency cleaning services, including biohazard cleanup, available 7 days a week for your convenience.


6. Q: Are your cleaning staff trained and insured?

A: Absolutely, our cleaning team is highly trained, background-checked, and fully insured to ensure the safety and security of our clients.


7. Q: What safety measures do you have in place for biohazard cleanup?

A: Our team follows strict safety protocols, uses personal protective equipment (PPE), and complies with all regulations when handling biohazardous materials.


8. Q: How do you handle security and confidentiality during residential cleaning?

A: We prioritize client privacy and maintain strict confidentiality. Our team is trained to respect your personal space and belongings.


9. Q: Can you provide references or customer reviews?

A: Certainly, we have a strong track record of satisfied clients. We can provide references and share customer reviews to showcase our service quality.


10. Q: Do you offer customised cleaning plans for specific needs?

A: Yes, we understand that each property is unique. We can create customized cleaning plans tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.