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Cleaning, Deep Cleaning or Fogging? – A definitive explanation of the differences

When you are at work you are often too busy to notice the state of your immediate 

environment and it will probably not hit you until it becomes obviously dirty and smelly – especially smelly – yet this is a place you spend 8 hours a day, often 5 days a week and yet it often gets left way behind in the health stakes. We all know the facts of a healthy lifestyle and it does not just mean diet, it also means our working environment. There may already be an office cleaner who comes in after closing time to clean the kitchen, toilets, wipe the desks, and mop the floor. The general clean is an important step in ensuring the workplace is a good place to be everyday but does it go far enough? And will it ensure that employees do not fall victim to bugs and illnesses that will deplete staffing numbers and could also cause them harm.

Cleaning vs Deep Cleaning.

Deep cleaning is a step further in cleaning and is more focused on dealing with the germs and bugs that the general clean is not. Sanitising is a big part of this and will be used on all surfaces targeting all the hotspots within the office. It will certainly help to cut the number of unhealthy bacteria lurking in corners, handles, light switches, countertops, and window frames. In fact, anywhere you will touch with your hands will have been touched by other hands that will also be carrying bacteria, both healthy and unhealthy. A deep clean will access all these areas.​

Deep Cleaning vs Fogging.

Fogging is next level in the act of supporting a clean, healthy environment by eradicating the number of harmful airborne bacteria and surface germs  by eliminating bacteria that can cause harm infecting the work force. It may not be a traditional way of cleaning and was used mostly when contagious illness or outbreaks occurred but it is now recognised as an effective method in the fight against infectious diseases. It should be done routinely for offices with a lot of traffic throughout the day keeping germ levels down and protecting as many people as possible.

Professional cleaners with specialist equipment using a solution dedicated to cutting the number of airborne bugs and bacteria within the workspace and is the same solution used in food industries, public transport, hospitals, and schools. It is a key step in eliminating infectious illnesses.

The tools used will access all corners, nooks, and crannies which cannot be reached by hand whilst also spraying the air and every surface. The tool has extending tubes with a pressure spray. 

This method is invaluable in keeping staff and guests feeling good about their environment and happy spending time in a work location and this will continue through to productivity as being thought well of and cared for is the best incentive to give their best in return. 

ATP Cleaning are experts in cleaning, disinfecting and most importantly sanitising and will help you in keeping workforce areas safe. Wherever you are based.